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The Faery Tradition

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We are Old Craft. We are Faery. We whisper our magic in the moonlight, from breath to ear, from hand to heart; it may be earned, but never bought. We are Her children, we align ourselves with the Old Ways. We hold fast to our kin, our brothers and sisters in the Craft, and we hold their privacy and welfare dear; for we are all embodiments of that Mystery. All are equally bound, equally supported.

We dissociate and emphatically disconnect ourselves from the practice of those who seek to define the name “Feri” exclusively to themselves and from the public face they have created. The core of our Craft is ecstatic, intimate, and profound Mystery, precious and living. To place it in the marketplace, or share it outside of the circle of those who are well-known, well-trusted, and well-beloved, is to undercut its beauty and power and to invite abuse from all sides. That truth has been demonstrated many times, but the lesson is not heeded. It is time to say to those who attempt it that we are not on the same path; that their Wisdom is not our Wisdom, their Mystery is not our Mystery, and their Craft is not our Craft. We are bound by the incorruptible red thread passed down by Victor and Cora Anderson from the Harpy Coven, and from their teachers in the unknown past. Our lives lived in integrity and steeped in magic are our witness to that bond.

There are words only spoken in a properly prepared circle which are tools of Art, that bind us closer to the Mystery and to each other. And there are such things as harmful secrets, which protect abuse of power and shield those who would deceive. The Wise know the difference. Our powers are to Know, to Will, to Dare, and to Keep Silent. So mote it be.